Thursday, 5 March 2009

Painted sketch

I have been finding working in the college studio a bit stressful of late, which means that unfortunately not much work has been done. There are so many students and not enough space for everyone to work, it doesn’t help that it seems like more people than usual are working on large pieces, there are assessments going on tomorrow and next week so I have been moved (for the umpteenth time!) next to the bloody sink! I do completely understand why I needed to move but it’s a bit of a pain, I covered the painting with plastic last night which turned out to be a good idea because when I got in earlier the plastic was wet! I can’t wait to move back to a safer place and hopefully I will get to stay put. I really wish I had a bigger flat so I could take it home and get on with it.

Anyway, enough moaning, back to my work, I have now done the painted sketch, it’s a little more detailed than the pencil sketch because I will be using it as a guide under the next layer of paint. I am looking forward to getting more done tomorrow.